In The Shadows Society

In 2019 we are proud to introduce the In The Shadows Society. We want to thank each society member for your support, and can’t wait to grow with each of you.


Jason Cornell

In The Shadows Society President

What got me into the paranormal?

The experiences I had after moving into my great grandparent's house started my paranormal

interest. Footsteps, voices, lights turning on/off and being pushed clear of a falling hammer by

someone that wasn't there. I have strong Christian faith and believe wholeheartedly in the

spiritual realm and spiritual warfare.

Why SIC?

There was an instant connection. They handle investigations professionally and they are in

search of truth, not ratings.

What else makes me me?

I’m a broadcaster/engineer for local stations WIIL/WLIP and WXLC/WKRS. I’m married to my

high school sweetheart. I love food, the blues, and downhill skiing.

2019 Society Members:

Bridget Bishop, Dennis Clanin, Jordyn White, Julie Phillips, Justin Dony, Leila Salinas, Michael Arroyo, Sandy Orr, & Scott Musial.