8/11/18 SIC Investigates Berlin Tannery


8/11/18 SIC Investigates Berlin Tannery


NIGHT AT THE Berlin Tannery
August 11, 2018 | 8:00 PM – 1:00 AM
235 S. Wisconsin St  | Berlin, WI


$75 per person (Includes Dinner)

Join SIC for a night behind the eerie walls of one of Wisconsin's most haunted places the legendary Berlin Tannery during a search for the building’s lingering spirits!

Originally built in 1853 and became the 1903 Bassett Sheepskin Tannery in 1892.  Later name changes included the Sears Hitchcock Tannery in 1903 before becoming the Berlin Tannery in 1903.  A huge fire gutted the building around 1923 but was eventually rebuilt. It eventually closed down in 1987 due to much of its work being farmed overseas. It has remained empty mostly used for storage and offices for other buildings

Reports of shadow figures, disembodied voices and loud bangs are experienced throughout the building.

There is a room at the bottom of a ramp on the 2nd floor that proprietors claim is probably the most active room in the building. Some of past experiences include: growls, Rempods going off just outside of the room as well as K-II meters which was once knocked out of the hand of a past investigator, cold spots and some psychics claim that there may even be a portal inside of the room.

The ramp just outside of the room has been a location where shadow play is often seen including a ghost nicknamed Hunchy.

Also on the 2nd floor is a hallway where a humming noise is heard, touching and, in one former investigation, what was described as a mild possession. A chair swings and rotates by itself in an office which was once occupied by the original owner, Jimmy Dahl.

In a room filled with sofas and couches, items have been tossed about and a couple of females had been scratched in the past.

In the basement, a walking sound has been heard on the catwalk, voices, and groans.  And just outside of that room is where one of the proprietors heard a little girl screaming.

There is also a room just a slight distance from the previous that proprietors say something may reside there that is “somewhat nasty.”

Proprietors have encountered a number of spirits in the building including: Eddie, Stretchy, Hunchy, Cid and Steve.

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