Meet The Team




Aaron Shriver / Lead investigator

JC Cornell / Engineer

Jess Eskew / Investigator

Jason Hampton / Host

Annley Lucas/ Co Host

Bill Topalovic / Researcher




Upcoming Investigations:


January 20th Pollak Hospital Bartonville, IL (SOLD OUT)

February 24th Whispers Estates Mitchell, IN (SOLD OUT)

March 17th Old Licking County Jail Newark, OH

April 21st PM&L Theatre Antioch, IL (SOLD OUT)

May 12th Hales Bar Dam Guild, TN (SOLD OUT)

May 14th Waverly Hills Sanatorium Louisville, KY (SOLD OUT)

June 30th PoastTown Elementary School Middletown, OH (SOLD OUT)

August 11th Berlin Tannery Berlin, WI

September 29th Lake County Jail Crown Point, IN

October TBA

December 1st Edinburgh Manor Scotch Grove, IA

All Guest Spots Available At:

Past Investigations:


October 28th Orpheum Theater Kenosha,WI

October 21st Edinburgh Manor Scotch Grove,IA

September 23rd The Monroe House Hartford City,IN

August 26th Ashmore Estates Ashmore, IL

May 6th 2017 The Roff Home Watseka, IL

April 8th 2017 Old Licking County Jail Newark, OH

March 17th 2017 Genesee Theater Waukegan, IL

- 2016 -

October 21st Ringling Mansion Baraboo, WI

September 24th Elgin Casket Factory Elgin, IL


In The Shadows Pilot Episode 1


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Investigation Photos


Elgin Casket Factory Elgin, IL

Ringling Mansion Baraboo, WI


Genesee Theatre Waukegan, IL

Old Licking County Jail Newark, OH

Edinburgh Manor Scotch Grove, IA

Orpheum Theater Kenosha, WI




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